Thursday, 4 September 2008

Talk, Sell, Talk, Sell

I've started the interviews to publicize Fat. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to talk to food people from all over North America and even from Australia, but I find it mentally very tiring. Perhaps I am not skilled at talking about myself, I know I'm not good at small talk. But this is different I really believe in this book and I want people to look at animal fat again and realise that it's not the evil killer. I want them to understand that is essential to the flavour of what they cook and eat. So I happy to talk about fat and try convince anyone who'll listen.
I carefully prepare for every conversation, try to remember those key messages, stay bright and energetic but somehow there is always a question I misunderstand or one that causes my mind to go completely blank so that I can't even remember my name.
Do I sound, smart? Convincing? Does the reporter and the audience believe me? And most importantly will they buy my book? With all the wonderful cookbooks out there how do you convince someone to buy yours? Especially such a contrarian one!


Joe said...

I thought your presentation at the Epicurean Classic in Traverse City was outstanding. I love food and cooking and not being a professional it is such a pleasure to learn from someone who can present this material in an understandable and compelling manor. I bought the Fat book and ordered duck fat. I hope I can take your inspiration and create something for the dinner table. Thank you so much for your insights and inspiration.


Jennifer said...

Thanks Joe. Please let me know how you made out. I'd love to know what you have made with your duck fat.

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