Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Where's Jennifer?

Yes I came back from Paris, and stayed in Toronto just long enough to do a load of washing and open the mail. Then I repacked my suitcase and left for Aspen. I'd never been in the Rockies before, just flown over them.
Aspen is a very small town wedged tight against a slope at some 8,000 feet /2,500 metres and it appears that in winter you could ski right into town. You can see some snow capped mountains in the distance but it's not until you go to the top of Mt Aspen, invisible from town, can you really appreciate just where you are.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Still in Paris

I'm still in Paris but not venturing out of the apartment . I am trying to pull together all the bits of information I've collected for my next book and finalize the recipes so I can finish it this summer. So no  time for surfing the net or blogging.
To let you know I am alive and well I am sharing this photo of a beautiful bunch of peonies. Once I come up for air I will relate some of my French adventures. A bientôt.