Saturday, 11 October 2008

Guess what I ate?

On Wednesday night Haralds and I met our friends Eric and Marie-line at a restaurant in the shadow of Notre Dame. You make you way through the crowds of tourists perusing the menus of the Greek restaurants just off Boulevard St Michel and then suddenly you're in the tiny quiet street of Saint Julien-le-Pauvre that runs into the church of the same name. And there is Ribouldingue a restaurant specializing in offal.
It was not my first visit the restaurant was recommended to me by my friend Bénédict who runs a great website miam-miam and is an expert in all things gastronomic. Perhaps I should offer a prize for anyone who can guess just what exactly is in the photo - it was my entrée. Although I've been tempted to buy them from my tripier in my local market, I haven't as I don't know how to cook them. So I thought why not try them the I'll know what I am aiming for. Like many "odd bits" these anima parts are euphemistically called rognons blancs, they are nothing like kidneys or more correctly animelles. In North America we call them prairie oysters or as Gordon Ramsey would say - bollocks!
They were delicious, mildly flavoured and although donated by a ram, tasted more of veal than sheep. The texture was soft and almost aerated, like a good boudin blanc. I can't wait to try cooking some. Watch for some photos of them raw - much less appetizing.
I followed my
rognons blancs with a more everyday dish, tripe (on the left) and my husband had sweetbreads with parsnip purée, that's it on the right.

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