Thursday, 15 January 2009

Warm Thoughts in Cold Climate

I was tempted to post another snow photo but we haven't had much snow just Arctic cold -23C and that's hard to photograph. As I look out from my office window I can see blue skies and snow dusted rooves, but instead of a photo of watery winter sunshine I've posted one of hot summer sunshine starring the iconic Sydney Opera House, snapped by my husband. No, alas we haven't escaped to Australia, but I was there in spirit this week. On Wednesday I was doing my regular gig on ABC Overnights and chatted with summer host Kara and listeners about ice cream. It reminded me that there is somewhere where the weather is warm and the beach beckons. So while I'm making beef stew, beef and vegetable pie and braising brisket, I'll glance at the blue sky, pretend the snow is white sand and dream of the antipodes.

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