Thursday, 25 June 2009

Surviving Summer

Sunday was the first official day of summer and pretty much on cue summer arrived in Toronto with a vengeance, 30C and humidity. I like the heat I grew up with it but it's the humidity that is debilitating. It is exhausting moving through air as thick as molasses and constantly sweating. I never expected Toronto to be so humid - where are the palm trees and tropical flowers?
I sit at my computer the windows wide open to let in the cooler morning air and the fan blowing gently to keep it circulating. This works until about 2pm when the cool morning air is exhausted and the sticky air from the street invades the house and my computer is hot to the touch. This would be the idea time for a siesta but I am not good at napping so I attempt to catch up on some reading and think about a gin and tonic - the perfect summer drink beverage. The one pictured here is made with Hendricks gin, distilled in Scotland. As it says on the bottle this is "a most iconoclastic gin - it's not for everyone". Well it is definitely for me I love its taste and drink it with the recommended cucumber slices - it makes the humid Toronto summer bearable.


Phil said...

This both looks and sounds a delicious treat Jennifer. Paris is experiencing a similar temperature and I seem only to be achieving a fraction of what I set out to do each day. On the gin front - I love it and haven't thought about one for quite some time - the lime looks refreshing in yours. My friend next door is from Plymouth and swears this is the best ... she has a bottle cooling - perhaps I'd better pop over and see!! Fiona :)

Jennifer said...

Let me know how the Plymouth is Fiona. I was always a Tanqueray girl until I found Hendricks. My husband still uses Tanqueray for his martinis - no vodka allowed in our shaker. Last night he experimented with a bay leaf martini!!!
If it is still warm enough in October we'll make you a Hendricks with cucumber. ;)

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