Friday, 14 August 2009

More Tongue

Finally summer has arrived in Toronto. I thought it was never coming but I am happy it's finally here. It so humid that drinking a gin & tonic works up a sweat. It's certainly warm enough to eat outside and a good choice for the air conditioning free like us. Here is what we'll be enjoying this weekend - barbecued tongue. Slices of cooked tongue brushed with olive oil and placed on the barbecue for about a couple of minutes a side. My husband and I are still arguing about timing. Medium is enough heat and when they are crispy on the edges they are ready. Brush them with anything from a sweet or spicy barbecue sauce to mustard or horseradish. Here they have a glaze of sugar, vinegar and mustard seeds. The texture of the warm tongue is a revelation.


Phil said...

Well it is still roasting hot here in the South of France - a fantastic summer. I think you would enjoy the foodie experience here - tomorrow marks the beginning of the Sanglier season. Lots of early morning excitement as the hunters gather perhaps a little too close to our house and return again in the evening to divide up their catch (literally) over pastis in our local abortoir. I have one delicious recipe which I must pass on to you when we are back in the land of wifi!! enjoy your sunshine - Fiona

Jennifer said...

Lucky you Fiona, I love sanglier. Do you take some of the spoils back to Paris? Too humid today so it's back to the g & t.
Looking forward to seeing you in October, Paris tickets already booked.

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