Monday, 22 February 2010

Dreaming of Paris

Winter in Toronto is bearable because we have clear blue skies but today is grey and overcast, very Parisian weather. So to keep up the theme I went for lunch at Union, a Toronto restaurant that models itself on Parisian bistro. To complete the theme  Kim Sunee joined me for lunch. Kim has spent a lot of time in Paris and in Provence. We had fun reminiscing about favourite haunts, life and bemoaning how little money authors make.


Last week my husband and I watched the film Paris not the greatest movie,  but for anyone who loves Paris it showed the city is at its best. And revealed its residents often at their worst - the boulanger's wife for example. So Paris has been haunting me this week, enough for me to wish I could pop to my local traveling market, pick up some oysters, good butter, a baguette and on the way home pick up a bottle of wine from my favorite wine store, then and spend the evening enjoying my bounty.

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