Tuesday, 25 May 2010


This is how I start out  my morning with a large bowl of cafe au lait. I am not worth talking to until caffeine enters my veins. I use an Italian espresso maker and froth the milk. In Paris a baguette and raw milk butter accompanies my coffee it. I try to only eat a croissant on the weekends. I rarely have a coffee outside my kitchen in Paris. Why? Despite the fact there is a café on every corner most of the coffee is just plain awful. Of course spending time at a cafe is not about the coffee it is about seeing and being seen.  But for those who love to drink seriously good coffee there is the La Caféothèque.

It feels more like a club for Spanish expats than a café but the coffee is superb and served correctly with a small glass of water. The choice of coffee is vast and best of all they roast their own beans. 
Here in Paris we'd been reduced to buying vacuum packed ground coffee in the supermarket, which doesn't match the coffee we drink in Toronto, we've been spoilt by Sam James. So bought Rwandan coffee and they told us to wait at least 24 hours before making coffee with it!  Well we didn't  because it was the only coffee we had the next morning but I did notice an improvement in the flavour the following day. 

More and more people are buying the machines that take the prepackaged pods of coffee. I am not sure if it is the coffee or the advertising that features George Clooney that influences people. This is one version of a new ad in France with George. It has become so popular that many of our friends are saying when they offer coffee, " Would you like a coffee? We don't have George in the kitchen but...". Alas neither do I.

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Matt_Middleton said...

A relative gave us one of those pod machines, but most of the time it just gathers dust. I mostly make my coffee in a cheap Ikea press.

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