Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Where's Jennifer?

Yes I came back from Paris, and stayed in Toronto just long enough to do a load of washing and open the mail. Then I repacked my suitcase and left for Aspen. I'd never been in the Rockies before, just flown over them.
Aspen is a very small town wedged tight against a slope at some 8,000 feet /2,500 metres and it appears that in winter you could ski right into town. You can see some snow capped mountains in the distance but it's not until you go to the top of Mt Aspen, invisible from town, can you really appreciate just where you are.

You can hike to the top 11, 200 feet / 3, 350 metres in about 3 1/2 hours I was told, or take the gondola, which takes about 15 minutes.  I wisely chose the gondola. At the top the sun was strong and the air thin but the views down into the valley and across to the Elk mountain range were spectacular. The weekend was picture perfect, clear blue skies and warm 80F / 27F during the day and then very cool at night 48F / 9C. And it was dry, dry, dry. The humidifier in my hotel room was barely lasted the night. I was in Aspen for the Food and Wine Classic to present a seminar "Fat is Phat" with Blackberry Farms sponsored by Lexus.

It was a great weekend and I learnt that alcohol is a lot more effective at higher altitudes.


Fiona said...

Mont Tremblant???? We stayed there but poops I'm so wrong!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Much higher and way more chi chi! I had dinner with Richard Branson...well he was at the next table.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer, comment s'est passé ton voyage à Haspen ? Eric Incarbona de Paris

Jennifer said...

Très bien merci. Tout le monde est convaincu - il faut manger de gras.

Malcolm Jolley said...

Need more information!!! An interview post-Dominion Day?

Jennifer said...

Was in Aspen for the Food & Wine Classic. Always love to talk especially to you Malcolm. You know where I am.

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