Saturday, 20 November 2010

Silence is golden

Perhaps it is finishing a manuscript or seeing the movie Social Network, but I just needed to unhook myself from the noise of endless information that keeps coming in my direction. So I have stayed off my computer, giving myself time to smell the roses, or in my case, lemon blossom.
My lemon tree is covered in fragrant flowers and has four lemons. We've used one and the very green third one is hidden behind leaves. This little tree pales in comparison to my mother's giant specimen that produces, tens of lemons non stop. However, her tree grows in a Melbourne garden while mine survives in the citrus unfriendly environment of Toronto. My tree spends the short summer outdoors and then moves around our apartment during the rest of the year.

Presently it is in my office where I am not working but reading. I sit in the sun and breathe deeply so I can almost imagine myself in a paradise where I don't need a computer, or a winter coat and boots.   


-joe said...

:D I have a key lime that produces equal doses of imagination here in Ottawa. Looking forward to seeing that book!

ian said...

beautifully written and so inspiring, i thought this was a really great post to read. i'll check back for new posts by you!

adventuresindinner said...

VERY much looking forward to the book and now I'm inspired to get a citrus tree. Fingers crossed that it survives my 10 month old.

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