Saturday, 14 May 2011

Paris à l'indien

Well I'm guessing you weren't expecting a mango photo from Paris. We've been here over a week and haven't stopped running, the joy of being property owners. No matter how tiny the space there is always something to be fixed, repaired or replaced.

While white asparagus have been a regular menu item we ventured up to the Gare du Nord to visit an Indian grocery store.  It was fabulous. There was an amazing selection of fresh vegetables and fruits and all the spices you could ever need. We stocked up on ingredients and bought a box of mangoes.

I must admit to not really liking mangoes, but my husband loves them. He had been reading about the Alphonso mango named after a Portuguese nobleman. Then I saw an article about them in London Telegraph,  suddenly Alphonso mangoes were everywhere. (I am pretty sure it is not an Alphonso mango in the photograph).

This variety lives up to its reputation as the most acclaimed mango. It is an Indian cultivar, with a yellow skin and the flesh was a deep orange. It is very fragrant, soft and quite delicious with a slight lemony aftertaste. It didn't convert, but it did make me appreciate mangoes a little more.

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WizzyTheStick said...

I am steadfastly a fan Julie mangos which are popular Caribbean mango. That said I love mangoes and haven't yet met one I didn't like:-)

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