Friday, 14 October 2011

Smiling in the Supermarket

So I was a little rough on Parisian old ladies in my last post. Perhaps they read my blog because lo, and behold when went in the supermarket it was full of them, all smiles and no shoving.

Now I don't like shopping in the supermarket, but one does need toilet paper and washing detergent. So there I am in my local Monoprix surrounded by smiling old people checking out the meat section. I was looking for saindoux or lard (rendered pork fat). I didn't find it, but I discovered packages of pig's ears and tails. Don't find them in my Toronto supermarket. Then I decided to buy duck fat instead, which was in the poultry section.

Right next to the duck fat were these containers of chicken gizzards and chicken livers, also not in my local Canadian supermarket. Now I know why all those little old ladies are smiling. 

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Ilze said...

Those little old ladies just need a little roughing up every now and then. No regrets.

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