Saturday, 3 December 2011

What have I been doing?

Sorry about the lack of posting for more than a month, but I've been promoting Odd Bits, in Toronto,
Montreal and out west in Victoria, Vancouver and San Francisco.
Now that I'm back in Toronto I am going to add some quick posts with links interviews and reviews of the book. Click here to listen to my interview with the charming Jian Ghomeshi. It is always interesting to discuss my book with people who don't eat meat!


Amarantha said...

We finally got around to submitting our Amazon order, so my copy of Odd Bits is winging its way to my place at this very moment. *is excited*

Jennifer said...

Hope you enjoy it Amarantha.

Laurie Maus said...

Interesting interview with Jian. He typifies the general reaction to eating not just the odd bits but anything that is identifiable as the original animal. As a producer who direct markets I spend a lot of time with clients convincing them to take the whole animal. It is a learning experience for all of us. Fortunately with the local food movement there is more of a dialog between farmer and consumer.
BTW we have a trapper working a trap line on our river this year. We are going to try cooking beaver this winter. And Canada goose is WONDERFUL.

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