Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Savoury macarons

I have blogged about macarons before and my love of the salted caramel ones at Ladurée.  Macarons are everywhere these days, so much so they are almost passé.

A few days ago, a friend sent me this photograph and I was passionate about macarons again. I hadn't heard of Meresse before, but now I have to go to Aix en Provence. I want to try the foie gras and onion confit macaroon, quickly followed by the foie gras, fig and speck one. Maybe they'll ship to Paris?


textart said...

Sounds tooo delicious Jennifer! Maybe they'll ship to Halifax?

Anonymous said...

This seems a bit strange, and not very appealing (I don't just post positive comments on here...) Something about the crispy meringue and the chewy center just does not seem to work with this kind of savory. Also eating these at room temp seems strange as well for some reason....Interesting, though. Thanks for sharing.
M & N

Jennifer said...

Egg whites don't have to be sweet and terrine of foie gras is perfect at room temperature. You need to be more adventurous ;)

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