Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fat is now Fett

I was very excited to learn some time ago that Fat would be published in German and now it's finally a reality. To celebrate the Swiss publisher is holding a Fat dinner on Friday November 9, in Zurich.

The event will be at Wirtschaft, Neumarkt and I have just received the menu. I'm happy to see that they have managed to include all the animal fats. There will be lardo, butter, duck fat, and suet.

My husband and I will be making the trip to Zurich by train from Paris so I will post the details in November. And if anyone happens to be in Zurich that weekend, perhaps you might want to come along, say hello and eat some delicious fat. Meanwhile I am going to try and learn a few words in Swiss German, can anyone help?


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting..

Helma said...

Griazi means hello (sounds like greetsi) Bring Fat to the World! I love your cookbook, you should com to Austria too, we do the best "grattons" or "Grammeln" as we say!

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I'd love to come to Austria and try your version of grattons. Perhaps next year?

Anonymous said...

and if you ever come to Berlin - please let us know. We just bought your book 2fat" and are delighted. I am sure I will try most of the recipes.

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