Monday, 7 January 2013

Keeping up Traditions

Yesterday was Epiphany and I made a galette de rois or king's cake. This cake is traditionally served in France around this time of the year. I've written about this before so I won't repeat myself. 

You can buy this cake in French pastry stores, but it is really worth the effort of making it yourself, yes even the pastry. There is something so satisfying watching your homemade puff pastry soar in the oven, and I've never achieved the same results with bought pastry. Although Epiphany has passed you can still make the cake and there are step by step instructions for the puff pastry here. The pastry has to be made a day ahead and then you can make the filling and bake the galette. Try it this weekend.

This year I got the bean,  a reward for keeping my new's resolution to blog weekly? Perhaps not, it is only week two. 


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog- it's wonderful.. looking forward to the books :) I am a new cook and this may be very obvious to foodies but when you say 'flour' for the pastry, do you mean regular all-purpose flour or "soft' pastry flour? Thanks for all the photos of the each step too- can't tell you how much that helps- esp. new cooks ;)

Jennifer said...

Hello Anonymous (wish you had a name).
I use regular all purpose flour for all my pastry and most of my baking. Glad the step by step photos help.

Anonymous said...

Ok, all purpose it is! Off to the kitchen to try my hand at first puff pastry- I think I can, I know I can.. thank you :) Anne

Jennifer said...

I know you can!

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