Thursday, 12 September 2013

Eating better

In the summer I was sent this book. I was very busy so I have only just managed to have a good look at it. Thanks to the content of my books I've done many interviews with paleo diet followers. I am not an advocate, dairy and grains play an important role in my diet. However, I do applaud any book that encourages people to eat pastured meat and quality animal fat as this book does. It covers almost every part of the pig, from its fat, chitterlings and there is even a meatloaf-style headcheese. The approach is a straight forward and informative making this book an excellent source for the novice cook. 

I was disappointed to discover that the authors perpetuate the myth that the pancreas is a sweetbread, it is NOT. The pancreas is a pancreas. The sweetbreads, there are two, are the thymus glands located in the neck and above the heart in young animals and only in young animals. 

This book encourages people to cook and think about what they are eating and that is good, well done Stacy and Mathew. For those of you interested in the paleo diet check out their website


Opus T. Penguin said...

Wait a minute, a sweetbread is not bread? I need to get out more.

Jennifer said...

Not in the offal world it is the thymus glands found in young animals. The most prized is the veal sweetbread, lamb sweetbreads are also good. Do venture out soon.

Carol said...

By the way, the best and most inexpensive seller of sweetbreads that I know of is at the Leslieville market on Sundays. My Argentinian neighbour and I always race each other to buy them.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip Carol. You should try just soaking them and grilling on the bbq without poaching - delicious.

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