Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Well here it is Christmas Eve and the weather is frightful - warming temperatures and rain mixing with all the snow creating my least favourite winter effect - slush.
Christmas comes with lots of expectation; presents, food, and being home for the holidays. I am not sure where my home really is; my loyalties are divided between two hemispheres and three continents but the food ties me to all of them. Having Christmas cake, shortbread, foie gras, and goose with red cabbage evoke memories of Christmas past; small and big gatherings, mostly happy, a few sad, where the weather was often freezing or sweltering.

This time of the year is also about endings and beginnings, a time of mixed emotions. So amidst all the celebration we should take the time to reflect and remember that the glass is always a least half full and hopefully, with a good wine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Sally said...

Here's to the half full glass. May we not get too 'Fat' over Xmas and have lots of 'Bones' to chew on!!

joanna said...

Happy New Year! My daughter gave me FAT for Christmas and I think I almost wept. I am off to the kitchen to make some butter with local heavy cream; thank you for the inspiration and keep up the amazing work! Joanna

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