Monday, 1 December 2008

Back In Toronto

Despite the grey skies and cold rainy weather I am pleased to be back in Toronto and sleep in my own bed. I had a great time in Seattle meeting lots of serious fat lovers. I also ate a great bowl of clams at Matt's in the market.

It was also fun in Vancouver, where I had two days of glorious sunshine and blue skies. When I craned my neck around the wall of condos I could even admire the mountains with a dusting of snow. I had a good meal at West where I was lucky enough to dine with Barbara-jo from Books to Cooks and Bonnie Stern and her son. Bonnie has a new book, Friday Night Dinners and her son is responsible for the photography. It is hard to pick out one highlight from our meal, but my local scallops on the foie gras buttered lentils, pictured here was wonderful.
My classes at Barbara-jo's were well organized and drew an interested crowd. I think I have spread the fat and made a few more converts in both cities on the west coast. A day in Toronto, which allowed my suitcase to catch up with me, Air Canada had put it on the wrong plane and it was off to Montreal. I knew there would be a lot of fat lovers there and I wasn't wrong, but more of that later.

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