Thursday, 30 July 2009

Food Stamps

What's happened to post offices? I remember getting a choice of stamps or having a first day cover stamped. Now if you can find the post office tucked into the back of some totally unrelated store usually a pharmacy, you are lucky to even see a stamp. We all just accept the printed sticker indicating the postage paid. I say, "bring back stamps" if we are paying that much to send a letter at least we can have a stamp. Some countries still have interesting stamps and pictured is a wonderful effort from the French post office. Each stamp depicts a square of chocolate and together the sheet of ten stamps represents a block of chocolate sitting in its wrapper. Best of all the sheet is impregnated with the scent of chocolate. No scratch and sniff, the smell of chocolate, admittedly a chocolate one associates with cheap Easter eggs, wafts out all by itself.
Maybe these stamps are too interesting to stick on an envelope?


Sally said...

What fabulous looking stamps! I know someone who would want a set of those stamps. I think that the stamp 'collectors' of the world are the problem that stamps are disappearing. Letters posted with a stamp attached often do not reach their destination because the stamps are removed by avid collectors. Recently I posted 2 postcards, with stamps attached, from an authorised postoffice in Budapest. They have never reached their destinations. I wonder where they are?

Robyn said...

Surely the joy in posting these wonderful "chocolate" stamps would be not in the smell of the stamp but if the stamp tasted of chocolate (albeit Easter egg chocolate)! Pfft! Only two cards missing? I am sure they have gone to meet the dozen from Seoul that never arrived.

Riz said...

Such a great idea. I hope the British Post Office takes this idea up.

Term Papers said...

I think that the stamp colector o fthe world are the problem that stamps are disappearing.

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