Friday, 2 October 2009

Bien Arrivée

Our flight was delayed 1 hour, which meant that we didn't land at Roissy until 11am. By the time we picked up our bags, why is mine always the last off the plane? and made it into Paris, it was time for lunch. We drove straight to our friends apartment and were soon on their terrace with a kir, white wine and cassis, in hand.  Perfect.
Our lunch continued the Burgundian theme with sautéed snails and ceps. It was wonderful to eat outside in October.
I'll have to wait until tomorrow for my croissant and cafe au lait!

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Sally said...

I have a theory about bags on planes. The later you book in the sooner the bag comes off!! That's why being early to a flight becomes a problem as your bag is loaded first - but arriving too late and you miss the flight. Last off bags, missed flight? - too many decisions!

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