Monday, 5 October 2009

Dans les pas d' Amélie

We don't often go to Montmartre, it is on the opposite side of Paris from our apartment and full of tourists and steps. As the name indicates mont = hill, there are some very steep streets many of which end in stairs. We were meeting friends for dinner so we went early to look around. I thought I was being clever by taking the bus all the way to  the city hall behind Sacré Coeur, then we could walk down hill to the restaurant. Well, we ended up on the other side of the hill so we got lots of exercise wandering up the hills and climbing the stairs. If you visit the church, well worth it for its great view over the city, don't just turn around and go back the same way. Wander around the back streets behind Sacré Coeur and explore.

Once we made it up the hill again we stopped in cafe with a view over the roof tops.
You can see how steep the streets are and if you look in the middle of the photo you can see the dome of the Invalides.

It is much clearer in this shot. We sat, my husband with a beer and me with another kir, and watched the light on the gold dome slowly fade. It was worth all those steps.
On our way home we passed the Café aux 2 Moulins made famous by the movie Amélie.
We just kept walking.

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