Friday, 13 November 2009

Paris à l'italienne part 2

Our discovery of this second Italian store was a lucky accident. We were walking back home and literally stumbled across it. It was the small chalkboard outside declaring that they had white truffles for sale that attracted my attention. Ever since a trip to Alba we have had a passion for very fresh white truffles.

We stepped inside this tiny store packed full of Italian goods, and were warmly greeted by the gentleman on the right of this photo. That's his brother on the left who runs the other store in the marché aux Enfants Rouges. Alas there were no white truffles left, but more were expected tomorrow. So we calmed down, noted the telephone number and took a good look around.

We spied some saucisson de sanglier, wild boar sausage, which we promptly bought. Then my husband became distracted by the interesting selection of Italian wine. There is even a lunch counter, where you can choose from a  limited menu.

Here you can see some of the wine selection that captured my husband's attention. We left the wild boar sausage and instructions to call the next morning to check if the truffles arrived from Italy.
Just after noon the next day they were in the store, and we arrived minutes later and had first choice of half a dozen truffles carefully wrapped in paper and packed in a Styrofoam box. Along with the truffles were farm eggs.

Here is the truffle we bought - perfect for two and we were given 4 of those eggs that had spent the night with the truffles. I always put eggs with my truffles, white or black, because they are porous they take in the odour and flavour of the truffles.
We carried out truffle home and then nestled amongst another lot of eggs in our fridge, and boiled those truffled eggs.

We ate them on a toasted baguette, and even boiled they exuded the odour and flavour of truffles. The next day we scrambled the second batch of eggs and topped them with shaving of white truffle, that with a bottle of champagne - the  perfect lunch!

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