Friday, 11 December 2009

Winter Blaahs

Well it is bitterly cold today. Whoever decided to work out wind chill should be shot. I know it's cold,  and knowing it is - 18C with the wind chill just makes it worse. The days are getting shorter and by 4pm the sun is gone from my apartment and I have to turn the lights on. So to cheer myself up, and anyone else who has had enough of winter already here are two photos.

The first was a champagne tasting at Hart House at the University of Toronto.

And this is you know where. Now if only I could be in Paris drinking champagne.....

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Sally said...

Maybe you should spend Xmas time in Melbourne - we are heading for the high 30C's this week!
But it does make the thought of roasting a turkey in that sort of weather a bit daunting.
But as for champagne - that tastes great whatever the weather!

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