Monday, 21 December 2009


My friend David brought this box back from Montreal on Saturday night, an early birthday present.
According to him macarons are all the rage in Montreal. Well not only in Montreal, it seems these delicious little biscuits (cookies) are finally becoming popular outside France.
I discovered a pretty cookbook I Love Macarons earlier this year and here is a review of it. Let me be clear, macarons are something I eat not bake, but if you want try here is a recipe that will work and taste great.

Inside was small piece of paper, tied with string, recounting the history of the macaron. Now the macaron is not a macaroon, don't confuse them. And, just like a box of chocolates, there was a guide. There are classic,  seasonal, and current flavours,  frozen ones and macaron of the month. I discovered on their site, December's macaron of the month is chestnut and whisky, that sounds delicious. My box held 5 of the classic flavours: in order they are caramel with fleur de sel, raspberry, chocolate (dark), blueberry, lemon and coffee.

Here they are tucked in their box. Well they didn't stay there long - I ate the salted caramel one first. Crisp on the outside and chewy in the centre, perfect but a little sweet and not quite as good as the one I ate at Ladurée, in Paris. But,  I was sitting in my kitchen, not under those painted ceiling in that amazing room on the Rue Royale. Next to vanish was the chocolate one, excellent and this time not too sweet. I plan to generously offer the blueberry one to my husband, I don't like blueberries, and then perhaps share the other two with him, that is if I can resist them until he returns home.


Lesley said...

Hi Jennifer, The two bakers who make these worked at Laduree if memory serves me correctly. Nice kids. Are there any macaron shops in Toronto?

Jennifer said...

Yes I think you are right and one of them also worked for Mulot. I believe there is one place in Yorkville but I haven't tried it yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, The macarons my wife and I bought in Paris were so delicious that we actually went back to Paris just to get them again. They sell them in Toronto at one of the fine food stores but they do not taste the same. I plan on buying your Fat book for my wife, she is so excited about it.

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