Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cheese and Rabbits

What is better than a grilled cheese sandwich? Almost nothing. I've eaten this every day for lunch this week. I have alternated the cheese, cheddar and Cheshire two great English cheeses, although cheddar is made everywhere and so cheddar refers to a style of cheese rather than the cheese from the town Cheddar. It is Cheshire, which is the choice cheese for Welsh Rabbit. Yes that is rabbit not rarebit. Check here. I would have made Welsh rabbit but you need a knife and fork to eat it and the sandwich can be easily enjoyed on the deck in the wonderful sunshine 18C today amazing.

Here is how I made this beauty, which strictly speaking should be called fried cheese because I cook it in a frying pan. Take 2 slices of good bread, this is sourdough, and butter them on the outside.

Then turn the bread over and spread  both sides with a good chutney or mustard - the choice depends on my mood. Add the cheese - your choice but you want a cheese that melts cheddar, Cheshire, Gruyère or a good French mountain cheese like Beaufort.

Put the sandwich in a heavy pan, cast iron is perfect, over low heat. The butter will melt and crisp the bread. At this point you should find something else to do because this takes time. You want it to cook slowly so the bread browns and becomes crisp, turn it and go away again. If you do it right the bread will be brown and the cheese melted but not running out of the sandwich. It takes time, more time than you think.

Here you can see the first side is nicely coloured and the second side is well on the way. The cheese is softening and just beginning to melt. Once you take it out of the pan you'll have to wait again. I know you want to eat it straight away but don't - you'll burn the roof of your mouth on the hot cheese. That is no fun and if you do you, won't be able to eat a grilled cheese sandwich tomorrow.

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Mark Scarbrough said...

I'm with you. Yum. I have grilled cheeses so often for lunch. (Except try it sometime with Comté.)

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