Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pork, Pork and more Pork

As I like to complain about the weather I must tell you all how wonderful the weather has been for the last week - warm and sunny. It was warm enough to have our family Easter lunch on the deck, now that's a first for Toronto.  It was wonderful to sit outside and the suckling pig was delicious.

I didn't bother with an appetizer. Instead I sliced up some of the wonderful dried sausages that the folks at Blackberry Farm sent me. What I like about their sausages, apart from the great flavour and all the fat they have is their texture - its dry and chewy. By dry I don't want you to think the sausage tastes dry, it doesn't, it's the texture on the tongue, perhaps aged is a better word. It's hard to find sausages like it outside of France, on this side of the pond dried sausages always taste too fresh.

Pork sausage, suckling pig, Berkshire pork chops and sauerkraut, there has been a lot of pig in my life over the last week. I love pork but I am taking a break. Spring is the season for lamb and I have a whole lamb neck and kidneys in my refrigerator and I'm hoping to get some lamb tripe. If this weather continues I'll grill those kidneys outside.

Watch for the title of my next post to be lamb, lamb and more lamb.

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