Friday, 16 April 2010

Sorry, pork again

These arrived at my door this week. Daffodils from the garden and have an odour not really a perfume but a pleasant fresh plant smell that my store bought daffodils never do. Even better accompanying the daffodils were three pig's heads cut in half and a big bag of kidneys. So it is more pork for me.

I did have a break from pork with a lamb neck braised with lemon and olives, deviled lamb kidneys,  and glazed lamb "spare" ribs on the barbecue.  I was planning more lamb when the porky bits arrived so now it's more pork.

You'll notice this pig has lost his ear, somewhere between the abattoirs and my friend Lesley. Some of the heads have ears and some don't. With this one I decided to make a beginner's headcheese, I miss the crunchy ear but a lot of my friends prefer it without the cartilage. I even kept the carrots from the cooking liquid. Tonight will be the test with my foodie friend L who doesn't like headcheese. If I can win her over to this version I'll be very happy.

This is just the beginning of another week of pork. Roasted pig's head, grilled pork kidneys, and terrine of pig's feet are all on the list. The lamb will have to wait.


Mark Scarbrough said...

Once again, my dear, you're my hero. We had pig heart among other things this weekend. But no head. Bruce is dying. He wants to make "real" tamales so badly.

bruce weinstein said...

O.M.G. why the hell don't we live nearer each other? I love this stuff. Local friends, grass fed beef and pig farmers offered me a few pig heads this week. Thought about steaming then smoking them, then using them eat for tamales.

Jennifer said...

I wish you two lived closer those tamales sound great. I roasted half a head and brushed it with a glaze - delicious. Also cooked ears, glazed and crisped on the barbecue and grilled kidneys with rosemary. Hoping to post about all this soon.

joseph said...

That looks wonderful. Finding a pig's head (as well as other things) is nearly impossible where I live, but this makes me want to try harder!

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