Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hot, hot, hot

Well summer has arrived, not only is it hot it is very humid. Where are the palm trees? I am working away on ODDBITS and am shocked at just how much heat my Apple Power book can emit. So at the end of the day trying to finish my book the last thing I want to do is tap away some more so I think this month will be a pictorial blogs. With the heat the heritage tomatoes have arrived and we've been slicing them up and topping them with buffalo milk mozzarella and basil. A drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and we have a starter - cooking is simple in the summer. No burrata yet, but I am saving up my pennies.


Anonymous said...

Palm trees aside; unless they are intended to be part of the dish...and, I cannot see a reason why (given the photo that accompanies this article); in fact, I would have to say... and, so I will... that the meal appears to stand on its own (as any good meal should). In fact, the sight that appears before my eyes, needs nothing more than a list of ingredients to accompany it; so that us lesser abled individuals can simply cut and paste our way into the role of better hosts and hostesses.

Well done, Jennifer!! No more tapping necessary (aside from the requested how to list).

Keep up with the genuine article... and, articles, if you will...

Meanwhile, treat yourself to a palm tree (real, or otherwise) in lieu of keeping it simple.

Jennifer said...

With all this humidity I think there should be at least a couple of palm trees outside my window - I feel like I am living in the tropics.

Simply slice the tomatoes and arrange them on the plate. Then place a basil leaf on each slice and top the leaves with a half slice of cheese. Drizzle with the best olive oil you can afford over the top then freshly ground black pepper and sea salt - that's it. Do I deserve my gin & tonic now?

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