Thursday, 30 June 2011

More green oreilles de cochon

When I posted about green pig's ears I forgot to mention their name in French. You can see this plant is really called oreilles de cochon, I have the receipt to prove it. And now I know the charming venduse, is called Martine. You can see I also bought - tourteaux cuits, - cooked crab
 Tourteau is a large bodied crab while the araignée, or spider crab, is all legs. Martine sells them both alive and cooked. She has a large stock pot on a propane burner at the back of her stall and she'll cook them to order.  I bought half a cooked tourteaux that was still warm, a gentleman had just purchased the other half Martine informed me. I am happy to cook crab myself, but it is not much more expensive to buy it cooked, and you can't buy half a live crab. Oysters at Martine's stall are sold by the kilo, which usually works out to be 10 to 13 oysters depending on their size.

I settled on nine speciales, they are fatter than the claires. When buying oysters in France remember the smaller the number the bigger the oyster. I chose # 3 so each oyster weighs in between 66 to 85g, I don't like my oysters too big. So lunch was a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc, 4 oysters, I kept the rest for the next day, with a salad of cooked crab - perfect.

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