Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tasty Odd Bits

You'd think I'd eaten enough odd bits over the last couple of years while working on my book Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal, but when my husband suggested we go to Le Ribouldingue for dinner I said yes straight away. How could I not return to the restaurant that introduced me to cow's udder and testicles?
As it was  my husband's last meal before returning to Toronto, we ordered two glasses of champagne. There was another reason for this largesse, the menu warned of a 20 minute wait for the roasted marrow bones that my husband wanted, the champagne made the time fly. Again I was tempted by the crispy cow's udder on salad and testicles but decided to try something new - galette des oreilles de cochon.

A supper thin, warm crepe, garnished with finely chopped chives arrived on top of a salad. Embedded in the underside of the crepe was thinly sliced cooked pig's ear. The poached pig's ear was soft, with a crunchy layer of cartilage - delicious and a great idea. Yet another way to enjoy pig's ears.


Diana@Spain in Iowa said...

Sounds fantastic. Only in France can you get marrow bones that large. Bliss!!

Katrina@TheGastronomicalMe said...

God, doesn't that bone look delish! (are French cows considerably larger, Diana?;)

Jennifer said...

French bovines are usually a lot older when killed
I ate a delicious entrecôte from a 4 year old animal in Bazas, south of Bordeaux. That steak fed 4 of us with leftovers!

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