Friday, 26 August 2011

Chosen from the ethernet

A site that recommends blogs selected me for their weekly "Best of the Web". It is good to discover to that it is not only my friends and relatives reading my blog. I don't blog every day, that would be sure to drive you away. I don't always have anything interesting to say and often I just want to be away from computer so I can have a real life, rather than a virtual life.

I try to put up an interesting post once a week, sometimes I succeed sometimes I don't. Please comment on what you read, it is good to hear what you think. I'll be especially interested now with my new cookbook. Comments about the book include -

"not for the 'average' American cook but like Bones and Fat this is Wow original! Photos are beautiful. Kudos!"
Well who wants to be average?

"If you can get past the cover of severed pig's feet,...... a unique, informative, and readable cookbook".
Why use the verb severed? And there is something very wrong with our society if we find pig's feet frightening.

"a vitally important work that should be applauded loudly"
How can I argue with that?

Now I am going to turn off my computer, stop checking Twitter and leave my emails until Monday.
 Enjoy your weekend in the real world.


Amarantha said...

I don't often comment on blogs, but rest assured I'm reading :) I only discovered your blog recently, but I've had your bone and fat books for ages and will be getting "Odd Bits" as soon as I see it.

And yes, the anti-feet comment is tiresome. It's the propagation of such memes that predisposes people to be wary of offal in the first place. If it were presented as something normal, people would be more inclined to try it.

Diana said...

I'm reading Jennifer and feel your front cover for Odd Bits is just beautiful. I'm anxiously awaiting it's release.

Jennifer said...

Thank for commenting Amarantha. I have to admit to rarely commenting on the blogs I read.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Diana I knew pig's feet wouldn't upset you!

The Seasonal Family said...

I found out about your wonderful books and website through the Savour Stratford site. How could someone have never told me about these books before? One day I will definitely be adding them to my ever growing cookbook collection. I love using the whole animal, or as much as it as possible. I'm sure there are many inspiring recipes in your books. As for the unplugging aspect, I admire that. Life should be more about quality not quantity.

Tina Skoller said...


I just got my copy of Odd Bits yesterday and am planning on making Tamarind Glazed Lamb Ribs next week. My butcher was unclear on how to cut the rib from the breast. Any advice I can share with him?



Jennifer said...

Hello Tina,
Your butcher should cut lamb ribs like pork spare ribs, they are the breast/belly of the lamb. Get your butcher to cut the breast/belly off the animal in one piece as he would pork spare ribs.
The piece will be wide at one end and tapering at the other. Then you can cut the ribs into individual pieces following the instx p 151.
Let me know how it goes.

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