Monday, 24 November 2008

Alive in Vancouver

Well I am still alive but I've been too exhausted to blog, sorry. My body still hasn't decided what time zone it is in. My return to Toronto from Paris was only three days before I set off for the west coast. That was not enough time for my body. I am still waking up in the middle of the night craving cafe au lait and a freshly baked croissant. Despite a wacky body clock, my Seattle was visit was great. I met some serious dedicated foodies at Microsoft; one was fellow Aussie from Sydney. They were all keen on fat and we had a passionate discussion about butter. I discovered a good choice of butters in The Creamery at Pike Place market from France, Ireland and Vermont. As I still had a three-day stop in Vancouver before returning to Toronto, I only bought the Kerry gold. Sunday morning before leaving for Vancouver, I enjoyed two thick slices of toast thickly spread with this Irish gold, and reluctantly left the rest for my friends.
During my stay with my friends, I replaced the skinny milk in their fridge with whole milk and convinced them to cook their eggs in butter. One family at a time is my motto.
The flight from Seattle to Vancouver, a mere 35 minutes was spectacular, clear skies and a wonderful view over the snow-capped mountains.


Athenaeus said...

What is your favorite imported butter? I found love in Lurpak the first time I tasted it, but have since found that buying locally produced butter is generally a better and less expensive option as the best produced product that's a few weeks or months old can't compete against something just a few days out from the dairy.

Jennifer said...

One of my favourites is Beppino Occelli
It is ridiculously expensive but delicious and beautiful as you can see from the photo on the web site.I also love Jean Yves Bordier's butter from France but it is not available in Toronto. If you can find a good local butter it really is the better alternative, freshly made butter is delicious. Butter is a seasonal product and I urge people to make their own from good organic cream, it will change their opinion of butter.

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