Thursday, 21 May 2009

More True Love

I am back in Paris where life has been rather hectic, which explains the lack of posts. I am posting a photo that my friend François took on a trip to Huangshan a mountainous region of China. Here, engaged couples celebrate their eternal love by attaching a lock to the chains running up the mountain trails then toss the key into the ravine below. Perhaps there are other places where true love is proclaimed this way.......


Robyn said...

So the world seems to be getting in on this "Love Locks" act. Appears it has become a popular things to do on Mt Namsan (Seoul). Certainly was nothing there 21 years ago but now it is so popular that park authorities have a warning sign to use a key bin not throw the keys over the side! Sadly didn't make it up Namsan last time or I could have added to the photo collection.

joslyn said...

This is also happening in Florence, Italy.
There are multiple bridges with handrails covered in locks. I can send you photos if you like, I'm not sure how to post them here.

Jennifer said...

Send me a photo but just one please.
If you could send it on Wednesday or later as I will be traveling early next week and downloading it might be a problem. I'll add it to my blog with your credit. Perhaps we can start
a series of photos of "love locks" from around the world?
Is this something new? I don't remember seeing it in Florence when I was there, but it was a while ago.

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