Monday, 4 May 2009


We arrived at Roissy airport under gray skies threatening rain but by lunchtime they'd cleared and we ate lunch on our friends terrace enjoying the warmth of the sun surrounded by greenery and flowers. I was particularly jealous of their huge rosemary bush covered in purple flowers.
Chez nous our rosemary is still going strong, but no sign of flowers and my beloved bay tree has come though the winter. The sage has survived and the thyme is making a valiant effort too.
Sunday morning with a steaming bowl of cafe au lait in one hand and a buttery croissant in the other I knew I was in Paris.
It seems that this trip will be one of discovery, already we've eaten crozets, a pasta from the Savoie, and a seaweed from the bay of Mont St Michel, more about both of them later.

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