Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Well I'll be.......

I woke up in Paris this morning to discover that not only did Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes win the Best Single Subject Cookbook at the James Beard Awards last night it also won Cookbook of the Year. I'm stunned and happy and luckily in the country where champagne is made. It will still be cafe au lait for breakfast but tonight it will be champagne, champagne and more champagne.

Books are created by many people and while I wrote FAT, without my agent Liv, who fought so hard to sell the idea, Doug Pepper at McClelland & Stewart who first realised fat was a good subject, and Aaron Wehner and the team at Ten Speed, especially Clancy, Fat wouldn't be the book it is. Thanks to all of you.


Robyn said...

Congratulations Jennifer. The phones in Melbourne are running hot with the news of your well earned honours.
Let the bubbles flow and flow and flow - forget the cafe au lait!

Sally said...

Congratulations from Melbourne, Australia where we live off the fat of the land!!
James Pde has been on the phone to let me know and sends her congratulations and will speak with you soon.
I look forward to tasting one of the recipes when we see you in Paris!!
Well done, Jen.

c3 said...


Just shows what can be done by an original approach to an underappreciated topic.

The Italian Dish said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! Your book deserved it.

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