Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Well here it is January 2010 and almost Epiphany. One of my favourite days because it's associated with a cake. I think that there should be more holidays linked to food. I blogged about this day before, so I'm not going to repeat myself. I baked a galette des rois yesterday, early because today my French friends fly back to Paris.

I couldn't find any hothouse rhubarb in snowy Toronto so I used frozen, sprinkled with sugar and baked, quite a lot longer in the oven. It worked well, perhaps better than fresh because it wasn't nearly as wet as fresh. Then I put in a big dark brown kidney bean, to make sure it would stand out in the almond frangipane. Well last night nobody got the bean in his or her piece and then this morning everyone, except me, had a piece for breakfast and still no bean. So as I ate my piece I was expecting to find the bean and with it the assurance I would be queen for the day, but still no bean. One of us was obviously not chewing their food and swallowed the bean whole!

Here is a photo of a pudding fairy ornament on my tree. I have been celebrating the season with friends and family and cooking non stop. There is a description of my New Year's Eve dinner with photos here. So this is a lazy first post of the year but one of my resolutions is to post more often. Let's see how I do.

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