Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cold, but a warm welcome

I am in Vancouver to accept the Silver Brussels Sprout award for the best cookbook from Barbara-jo's Books to Cooks. I was hoping for warm spring weather and lots of cherry blossoms - but no. The day before I arrived it had snowed, quite unseasonable and as rode from the airport I saw patches of snow everywhere. I did note that they were sitting on green grass. Nothing green in Toronto. The weather was crisp but that meant a brilliant blue sky and wonderful view of the mountains that surround the city. The welcome was warm, especially at the Uva wine bar where over a glass of pinot grigio I had a interesting conversation with Macaulay and the manager Sebastian, about food, fat and salted butter. Sebastian hails from Brittany so naturally loves salted butter.
In the late in the afternoon I went for a long walk with Barbara-jo to Lost Lagoon Lake then along the water to English Bay. Although it was cold it was great to see the ocean again. I also spied a cherry tree, tucked into a sheltered spot, just about to burst into flower.

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