Monday, 23 March 2009

Nominated Again! WOW

Just a quick note to say that I was thrilled to learn today that Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes has been nominated in the Single Subject category for a James Beard Award. I am in New York at the moment which makes it all rather exciting. I am going out tonight with friends to celebrate, more news soon.


Sally said...

Sometimes life just gets better and better.
Well done!

Robyn said...

Hearty congratulations on the nomination!! Very well deserved. Hope the dinner out was suitably celebratory. "East Malvern" wondered if this would be another vegetable for the bookshelf.....very proud.
Fingers crossed for another success.

La belle Aurore said...

Congratulations, what a book this is. Finally, a cookbook that I can leave open on the kitchen counter and find inspiration in it to use my ever growing collection of dripping little fat containers in the fridge, the best taste in food : fat! Thank you!

Gregorio said...

Thanks again for the great lecture at FCI this past Wednesday. And congrats!

Lippy said...

Congrats! I'm currently reading it like a novel and have dictated to my toddler that from now on any "sweeties" (as she says) she eats be homemade. I am unapologetic about how much fat I eat and no one can argue when I declare it better for the body than that low-fat spooky junk. For at 110 pounds how could they say I'm a living warning?
Congrats again and thanks for the inspiration! (Can't wait to make the pork crackling!)

Joe Randazzo said...

Congratulations Jennifer, definitely well deserved. The book is at the top of its game.

Hello from Seattle!

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