Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dandelions with ham fat

No photo with this post because my husband and I wolfed down the dandelions before I could even think of grabbing the camera. We ate them with potatoes cooked in duck fat, and two blood sausages, homemade and bought. The homemade sausage still needs some work but it was way better than the one we purchased in the market. I don't like the Eastern European style of adding lots of kasha, my preference is blood, fat and a little a little spice, but more of that latter. The dandelions were delicious. Usually I make a salad, but recently I've just cut them up into manageable pieces and cooked the gently in fat with some salt and pepper and sliced garlic. The fat from my ham was perfect, no salt was necessary, they were rich with a bitter edge a good foil to the blood sausage and potatoes.

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