Saturday, 4 April 2009

New York New York

You might be wondering why a photo of butter goes along with a post titled New York? Well, unlike in Toronto, in NYC I can get just about any butter I want, well almost. As I am going to France next month I bought butter from elsewhere in Europe, Italy, England and Ireland. One of my favourites is Kerrygold,a butter that is widely available throughout the States. They helped sponsor my event with the New York Women's Culinary Alliance. It rains a lot in Ireland and there is lots of green grass, the basic building block of butter. We often forget on this side of the Atlantic that cows were designed to eat grass. Grass, flowers and herbs add the flavour to butter and the most flavourful late summer milk goes into Kerrygold salted butter - taste it and you'll know the cows has a wonderful diet plus you will be getting healthy omega-3 fatty acids as well. A big thank you to Suzen at Cooking by the Book and the members who cooked recipes from my book for everyone to taste, leaving me with nothing to do but talk about fat. Here is a photo of the flavoured pork fat and one member's comments on the event. I made everyone think again about animal fat and definitely convinced them of the importance of good quality butter. I made more converts at the French Culinary Institute, where I was lucky enough to talk to the students and explain the benefits of cooking with animal fat. I haven't been neglecting my home town. Back in February I was praising fat to a very favourable audience at Coupe Space and last week I was at Cowbell restaurant, where chef Mark Cutrara cooked a delicious fatty meal and I was able to talk about fat again. You can't really stop me, and I am not finished yet - details of upcoming events with the Weston Price and Slow Food groups here in Toronto will be posted soon.

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