Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Power of Bacon

I'd like to thank my friend Mary in Belgium for sending me this link scroll down and watch the video. Another example of how the internet can keep you up to date with the advances in modern science!
Seriously, there are a lot of people who should just be eating their bacon rather than playing with it. And before you point it out, I do know that prosciutto isn't bacon and let me assure you that I'll be eating mine not using it to cut up my baking sheets. Still it does show, yet again, that the pig is an amazing animal.


Sally said...

Some people just have too much time on their hands to even want to invent such a thing!!! I would have preferred to enjoy eating the prosciutto!

Robyn said...

Just thinking that this link should NOT be shown to some household members who have access to O2 cylinders!! To think there is someone who would think to invent this (and test its variants) is one thing but I am sure there are some who would enjoy proving it to be real - forget the torch - pass the procuitto!!

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