Sunday, 5 April 2009

You Won! Congrats Jennifer!

That was the email I received late last night from my publisher in Denver - sent from his iphone, you have to love technology. I went to bed happy and shocked. I hope Mr Keller will still let me eat at The French Laundry or Per Se one day.
This morning I am chilling the champagne and congratulating my friends and fellow Torontonians Jeff and Naomi on their win and hoping to meet the other Canadian winner Montrealer Taras Grescoe soon. I am sure all four of us would enjoy a lively discussion.
Check out all winners here.


Sally said...

Fantastic!!! Well deserved win for a great book.
Red will be proud.

Barb said...

Congratulates to you Jennifer. A well deserved win. You've given us a new way to look at a basic staple of life. Thanks for all your hard work.

Robyn said...

Absolutely fabulous Jen. Red has just phoned the news through to me - well deserved for a fantastic book!!!

Don said...

Well done indeed (good news travels fast) - to win in such a public arena is a real achievement -

Judy Barnes Baker said...

Congratulations Jennifer! I posted an article on my blog about your win at:

Judy Barnes Baker

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